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Depression and Anxiety

Hey everyone 


So i am new to this forum and about a year ago i was told that i have depression and anxiety. It is something that i have struggle with on and off but at the moment i am finding it quite hard to deal with. I'm just feeling that a part of my life doesn't feel secure and i do tend to worry about this more then i need to. 




Re: Depression and Anxiety


Hi there and welcome to the forums. I have had severe depression (and some anxiety) for almost four years now so I can certainly relate to how you are feeling.

My life has felt very insecure particularly in the last two years as I've not been able to work, and I've been very unwell. I'm now stabilising, and things are improving.

It's natural to worry a lot when you feel insecure. Everything you thought was solid is now shaky. But it won't always be like this. Just focus on getting better for now, take each moment and day as it comes, and gradually you will feel more secure and stabilised. Don't try to rush the process or you might go backwards.

If you want to respond to this post you can tag me by putting an @ symbol before my user name. I'd be happy to chat with you further as well as support you.

Re: Depression and Anxiety

hi there @Farmchick and welcome
@Sans911 has written a really good response and i hope you find it helpful.
I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety as well and find it can be quite hard to manage.
Have you got any supports such as your gp, psychiatrist, psychologist or social worker that helps you learn what your triggers are and how to manage your emotions and thoughts?

Re: Depression and Anxiety

Welcome to the forums @Farmchick, dealing with anxiety and depression by yourself can be very overwhelming, @outlander provides some good advice in establishing a strong support network to help you. Do you have someone helping you through this?

Re: Depression and Anxiety

Hey @Sans911 its great to have someone to talk to thats feels the same one, was just wondering what techineques you used to allow yourself to start feeling more sucure? 

Re: Depression and Anxiety

Hey @outlander 

I have been to a natropath that was also a phsycologist but thats it 


Re: Depression and Anxiety

Hey @Ali11 

i have my boyfriend and he has been and is still amazing with it all 

Re: Depression and Anxiety

Great to hear @Farmchick, a supportive partner is such a help 

Re: Depression and Anxiety


It took me a long time to start to feel secure, so patience is important. Medication was one thing that started to stabilise my mood, and again it was a long, trail & error process until I hit on the right combination.

Don't try to do too much or expect too much. Just do what you can, take frequent rest, it'll still be there tomorrow. Exercise, like a gentle walk helps. As does meditation.

And last year I started volunteering in a few different places/groups. That made a big difference as I was being proactive about my mental health. I was interacting with people, getting out of the house and being useful. It's probably made the biggest difference overall.

I have other techniques as well when I'm becoming overwhelmed. I come here a lot and even if I can't talk about what is happening, if someone can sit with me it helps.

Not all of this may suit you or be practical, but it's finding ways to feel OK again in the world. Lots of support, personal and professional helps too, to keep you stable and safe.

Re: Depression and Anxiety

glad you have your boyfriend for supports @Farmchick
do you think you would be ok in speaking to your psycologist (or speak to a a new one if you choose ) again to help get you on the right path? your gp is a good starting place and can also support you through your mental health journey as well

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